The Essence of Mushadori

Just left Soke’s class and had an awesome time. Tonight soke talked about the essence of mushadori; and how people tend to believe that the concept of mushadori is limited to only taking a weapon from an armed warrior. Soke explained that mushdori can also be performed with a weapon in your hand. Taijutsu has many truths to it and one of them truths is: a weapon is only an extension of your body, and if your taijutsu is bad; when you go to use a weapon it will show and amplifyyour poor movement. Soke talked about you should be at a mind state of “mushin” when you’re performing mushadori and not to “try” to capture the person intentionally; but with no thought, no mind, rap him up from the void of nothingness.

Hatsumi soke also demonstrated some fine points of Jumonji no kamae, while being unarmed and also using multiple weapons from this kamae. He was able to catch his attackers arm and break it from this X jumonji kamae… The unlimited ways of using jumonji no kamae is amazing and endless!

One thing I’ve noticed about soke’s movement is that he’s always at the correct distance; and somehow he’s always able to perform kogagoroshi to the attackers fingers, not by pressing and alerting his uke, but by creating a sliding motion to the hand, which makes it very difficult for the attacker to acknowledge what’s really happening to him at that moment until it’s too late. From jumonji soke explained that from this kamae; it can take on a defensive and offensive position, and a distraction, all at the same time. If you think nothing and become nothing; you give nothing to your attacker. No mind, no thought, only mushin.