About Tenyu Dojo

Tenyu Dojo is a unique school. We have a very diverse group of students from various walks of life and race/culture. We are a family orientated and close knit dojo. Practicing Under Williams sensei is very serve and meticulous. Melvin doesn’t tell you that you’re doing a good job if it isn’t true. Most instructors tell the students what they want to hear to keep them coming back to their dojo. Melvin is the opposite and teaches how the old school Japanese budo teachers taught. He’s known for being brutally honest, and his movements are fluent and very effective! Living in Chicago you must be prepared for any situation if it arises and Melvin prepares; you for situations that you may encounter living in Chicago. Our dojo does NOT train with the alpha male competitive attitude. We are all students on a personal journey here to learn and help one another grow, so that we may become better people, better budouka, and protect the people we cherish.


Tenyu Dojo travels regularly to Japan (few of many schools in Illinois) to train with the grand-master (soke) Massaki Hatsumi and his Japanese Dai Shihan. I feel if you want the best training you should go to the source, or train with teachers who make it to Japan to train; their’s no other way around it! Our school is currently working on techniques and concepts that’s being taught in Japan. Mr. Williams teach budou the same as how its transmitted in Japan… Melvin like to believe that water stay water and shouldn’t be deluded. “As a pupil of budou, I need to stay current in my practice, and as deshi (students) I strongly recommend that everyone make the pilgrimage to practice with the source!”

Every year, Tenyu dojo plans a trip to Japan to practice with the grandmaster; and it’s imperative that new and old students have a chance to experience Japan.

At most Dojos if not all; care about the numbers of students. Here at Tenyu Dojo we don’t care about the number of students, we care about the quality of the student. Therefore, everyone isn’t allowed to join our dojo; nor is our dojo open to the public. Before candidates are allowed to gain admission to our dojo you will need to be screened. It’s my responsibility as a teacher and a decent human being to make sure that: I’m not teaching criminals or mentally unstable people. We have enough chaotic things happening in our world today, and we don’t need to add anymore turmoil to it! Ninpo is about enlightenment and preserving life.

Our Method

We practice using a scientific perspective: Lecture and Lab. Lecture is when we are in Japan receiving transmission/instructions from the masters, and the Lab is when we pressure test what’s been taught through instructions of the lecture and put up against non compliant attackers with full resistance. We have to make the technique work against anyone including MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai, etc.

Bujinkan Chicago Tenyu Dojo 2017


“There are three kinds of Budoka: ones that try to look strong, ones that try to perfect their technique and ones that try to gain a good heart” Massaki Hatsumi