Good seminar Don,
A couple things I’ll like to say: firstly I’d like to thank everyone who showed up and supported the seminar (and some folks came from out of town). In my opinion if you want to truly get good in this art you have to sacrifice, theirs no other way around it! You have to have your mistakes pointed out to you, and you have to do your due diligence!

Training in Gikan and Gyokushin ryu movements were so subtle that it was easy to make a mistake. Of course Don was their pointing out everything that was wrong; which is a great thing. He had patience, was professional and funny when he corrected students. No matter how fast, slow, or tried to changed up the technique: Don was ALWAYS in the right spot at the right moment. Balance was broken from the initial movement, he was ALWAYS doing something that you couldn’t see or feel (very sneaky) and everything hurt like hell. This is the nature of our art.

Also the yari training was great!

Thanks Don for the LONG and good seminar.